The Client 

There are few people in the world like my client for this project. Todd creates custom puzzles, traps, and escape room type content for an interesting and unique immersive role playing experience. It’s called Hunters of Avalon and it’s brilliant, check it out. 


The Problem 

In order to create all that he needs for his business, he has constructed a workshop in his garage. So after doing a Flow Analysis and talking with Todd we honed in on a shelf littered with hardware such as screws, bolts, hinges, and a random assortment of other items. 


Working in a shop every second counts, and Todd really cares about efficiency and getting jobs done as quickly as possible. That being the case, designing a way for Todd to access hardware more effectively is the direction we decided to move forward on.


The Solution

Access. What I wanted to make sure I kept in front of mind and remained the focus whoever visited the shop, and especially Todd had easy and quick access to whatever item was needed.


I achieve this by getting the exact dimensions of the shelf space, then creating a hardware organizer that had 25 drawers which were modularly adjustable to allow for a wide variety of items, with different sizes and amounts to fill up each container inside each drawer. 


To keep in line with the goal I added a category and an items list on the front face of each drawer. It took me at least an extra 5 hours to glue measure, sand, and create, but I strongly believe it was well worth the effort for the amount of time and annoyance it will save Todd in the future. Along with that, each of the slats has a tab which indicates what is in the drawer in front of it. On the items list, there is a number next to each item which indicates which number drawer the items are placed in. (View in fig X & X) 


Todd’s Thoughts

This organization system is great. It’s modular so I can add more slots as I acquire more hardware. If you own a shop, you know the amount of random nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and random fasteners takes on a life of its own. This system really makes it manageable. JP made it so I could find hardware not ask “hardwhere?”. Hire him right away, your stress levels when making things will go down 1000%.


The Conclusion

Todd was happy with how the organizer turned out and can now find what he’s looking for in under a minute when before it would have taken him 5-10  minutes to find the same item on the shelf.


The Materials


Clear Plastic of Plastic Folders

Wood Glue


Computer Paper


The Tools Used

Laser Cutter

Wood Glue 

Box Cutter


Adobe illustrator

Light Burn




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