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The magical design of Scoopwells spoons just for cookiedough

The design of the Scoopwells cookie dough spoon

This simple often ignored piece of plastic is more than meets the eye. The elegant curves, delightful colors, and magnificent function of this spoon creates for a remarkably enhanced experience as you dig into your delectable treat from Scoopwells cookie dough bar. With any other spoon you’d want to burn down the city in a fiery rage. 

You could almost compare the curves of the cast moulded plastic to that of a high-end luxury car. As the light catches them it bends in the most elegant ways, almost as if the rays were cascading off into infinity. The curved point at the tip of the spoon sets you at ease because you’re rest assured that you’re not going to stab your tongue. If you’re a minimalist like me you can’t help but appreciate the simplistic form in your choice of bright pink or baby blue. 

You instinctively recognize it as a spoon, but it’s not just a spoon, it’s a spife. The cousin of the spork, the spife is the combination of a knife and a spoon. Similar to the spork, yet Useful in its other ways, it’s optimal for eating cookie dough. Using it just happens to bring you a calm feeling of relief. 

Scoopwells spoons - organizer - relief

The way the designer crafted this spife is masterful. First, the handle bends just right back and up to allow for your thumb to hold it snuggly in place as you cut, scoop, and eat. The spoon is concaved just enough to hold the perfect amount of dough to electrify your tastebuds. I also assume these spifes comparably accommodate ice cream, however, I personally have not had the opportunity to test this hypothesis yet. 

But the knife, the knife feature is what sets this spoon apart from the rest. They thoroughly thought through the form of this knife. Its 30-degree angle on the spoon makes it ideal for cutting through the material the way you actually hold it. There’s no need to angle your wrist up because it’s already at the correct cutting angle. That’s how you can really tell that these designers went the extra mile. A novice would have carelessly flattened the top or one side, but a master, yes a master anticipates how people will actually use the item. 

It’s unclear if Scoopwells designed this Spife just for their shop. Despite that fact, it was a brilliant business decision to select the ones they did. I’m sure they are slightly more expensive than normal sample spoons, but taking that risk will pay out dividends in the long run. It improves the overall experience especially when every customer is eating with a spoon. This provides each customer with a clean, ordered, delightful experience, on top of the fact that their cookidough is absolutly delishious.

With Spife in hand, I salute you.


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