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Our Process To Smarten Up Your Home

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I’ve been obsessed with smart homes since that Disney movie “Smart House” came out. I mean sure, the house got a little needy and didn’t want them to leave, but I was enamored by the technology.

Now, 20 or so years later, all that technology is possible, minus the general AI that is trying to play mother. We can actually have doors that unlock themselves, fruit magically appear out of countertops, and a refrigerator that lets you know when it’s time to buy more white claw.

There’s so much that excites me about home automation. Implementing it in my own life has been tremendous. I have used it to make sure it smells delicious whenever I enter my home. You can learn more about that [here link another blog].

There’s so much these devices can do, but most people only use the very basic features and don’t know about certain pieces of software that can enhance what can be done like IFTTT.com (if this then that). Here’s my process on how I can help you implement home automation and IOT (Internet of things devices) in your home in unique and creative ways.

Day 1

The first step is to identify what there is, where to focus, and what needs to be done.

We do this with our fluidifying session. This is where you invite us into your house and we go room by room through the home as if we were going through a typical day of your life.

In each room, we identify how you interact with the space, where things are, how they are stored, and where the problem areas potentially are.

We record and collect the data to then analyze and disseminate it down into a presentable document that we will present to you on day 2.

Lastly, we schedule the next day we will meet.

Day 2

On day 2 we get back together and go over the document together where determine what the plan will be moving forward. We’ll look at what rooms to focus on, what brand of products will fit your needs best, and finally what devices need to be purchased.

Once we have a clear plan approved by you we schedule Day 3.

Between day 2 and 3 we purchase the products for you so you can spend your mental power focusing on the important parts of your life… Like eating pizza. No, no, of course, we mean family, work, self-care, and friends.

Day 3

We show up and install all the products into your home, then do any necessary set up along with education on how to use each of the devices.

However, our goal is for to interact as little as possible with these devices, and for everything to pretty much “just work.”

After installation, we schedule Day 4

Day 4

To make sure everything is working as advertised and you’re happy with the processes we set up for you we come back and gather your feedback. Then make an of the necessary adjustments needed or order any additional products either of us thinks might help make any of the systems better.

After that is complete we schedule day 5

Day 5

To be certain everything is a go we come back for one final feedback session. We install anything else that may have been ordered and make the final adjustments and tweaks.

Wrap Up

For this services, we add in an ongoing maintenance fee so that if anything goes wrong, stops working, or if you need us to make additional adjustments all you have to do is call us and we will come over and get you all fixed up.

Our goal is for you to get as much value for your money as possible. In our core philosophy, it’s more about delivering more value than we receive in return. We believe operating that way will result in our customers becoming filled with joy once we have finished our work together, creating a positive ripple effect.

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