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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

You care. That’s what’s great about you, you care! Maybe a little too much sometimes, but that's okay, you’re pup loves you all the same.

But because you care so much I’m just going to come right out the gate and say you should get this product. You want to know when your dog is coming and, umm... going. This dog door will give you some much-needed peace of mind. It gets me all randy because you can get tags that unlock the door for the pet and then there's an app that gives you a little ping when the doggy leaves or comes back in.

You can also remotely lock and unlock the door, for you know, those days it's rainy out and you’d rather not have muddy paw prints tattooed across your clean white carpets.

But this article is about more than just a dog door, it’s about dogifying your house so you both get to live in comfortable and efficient luxury.

Eat up!

The pup has to eat, literally your number one job is to feed and water the adorable little pile of hair strands.

In this area, I have two suggestions for how to present your dog with food, and if you’re clever, you’ll combine both.

Option 1

First off is the more simple option. Create a floatingshelf for the dog bowls that are the perfect height for your little guy. Then, right above the shelf a floating cabinet to hold all the food items.

Why not just a normal dog bowl stand? Well, my good samaritan, because you have to think about cleaning, and although it's not a huge annoyance, you the ability to move and work around as few items as possible. With the bowl raised you can sweep and mop right underneath with no issues! Want to get fancy? Put it on a rail system connected to the wall that you can easily lift with a foot lever or handle to get under the bowls easier when cleaning.

Add the food cabinet because that’s 30 seconds a day you save in your life from walking back and forth to the garage or cabinet 3 feet away. It may not seem like a lot, but that time adds up!

Option 2

Since you’re getting an automatic dog door you might as well get an automatic dog feeder and water bowl, right?

With these items, you’ll never have to worry about feeding the dog again, and your schnookums will love it because they will never go longer than necessary waiting for mommy to get up from her important work to fill the bowl.

These are great because you can set whatever specific times you want to feed the dog at. The downsides to these products are that I’m not sure they can serve wet food😢.

Here are a few options to consider:

Automatic water feeder

Automatic food Feeder

The fuuuurrr!! Dun Dun Duuuuu!

Our pets shed! There’s no getting around it... unless you have a dog breed that doesn’t shed, you’re shit out of luck!

So here are some ways to manage the hair.

One, create a room at every exit of the house that’s similar to the ones they would use on mars to decontaminate you, but this one just blows all the hair off of you and has robot arms that targets and picks off the stragglers!

I'm kidding, but you should use robots, vacuum robots. This is another set it and forget it product. There’s no wrangling the hair unless you have someone that is OCD living with you, although if that’s the case you likely don’t even own a dog.

Robot vacuums to consider:

Robot Vacuum

Robo Mop

To get the hair off my clothes I use one of those tape rollers. However, I want to get one these puppies (pet hair remover). I think the functionality is on point, however, I’m not fully endorsing the product yet because it might not work as advertised. I’ll keep you posted.

Who’s walking who?

Let’s face it, you’re lazy and you don’t want to walk the dog, just get a treadmill put a screen in front of them that has a sidewalk video playing, and a few flowers next to the treadmill, boom dog walked!

No. Please don’t do that, however, you do need a walk, and it's good time spent outside with your furry friend while getting some fresh air away from your fart filled house. How do we make this experience ideal though?

I feel like this is pretty self-evident, but I’m going to include it just in case. The trick here is to have all the walking stuff in one organized area next to the door you leave out of. So have a rack that has the leash, poop bags, sunglasses or goggles (for colder climates), water bottles, and a few treats.

Consider getting a jacket rack that has a cupboard attached to the top, that way everything you need is stored there and you’ll never forget anything because it will become a habit to grab all the items before you leave.


We love our surrogate children so much don’t we? Like normal children, they can be a mess and a bit frustrating. This is why it’s our responsibility to design our environment to function optimally with the little, or not so little tikes running around.

I’d love more suggestions on what you’ve done to design your home for a dog! Email me, or find me on social media at @jptaxman24 and @uprelief. Get 5% off my services for reaching out to me on social media

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