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Our Process To Create Custom Products For Your Home

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

With this service, I design and build 1 big product for you and 2-4 smaller ones. This I believe to be a tremendously unique and amazing experience because few people get to be apart of concreting, designing, and building a product, and almost no one get’s that done just for them to solve their specific need with adjustments made to it in the exact way that they use it.

We’ll use an example of a “just throw it in there kitchen drawer” as I go through the process.

Day 1

The first step is to identify what there is, where to focus, and what needs to be done.

We do this with our fluidifying session. This is where you invite us into your house and we go room by room through the home as if we were going through a typical day of your life.

In each room, we identify how you interact with the space, where things are, how they are stored, and where the problem areas potentially are.

We record and collect the data to then analyze and disseminate it down into a presentable document that we will present to you on day 2.

Lastly, we schedule the next day we will meet.


You would walk me through your kitchen and show me how you make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where and how you store items and tell me what's uncomfortable or frustrating to do in that area. 

Day 2

We sit down and go over the document which identifies what I think are the top 5 most important problems to attack, although these can always be changed if you don’t agree. The top 5 have sketches and concepts written and drawn out. There are many more problems identified with possible solutions outlined in the document, but the top 5 are the ones I just go more in-depth with.

We then identify what the correct next course of action is, and after final approval, I get to work on creating the first 2-4 products.

Once I feel I’m ready I’ll reach back out to schedule day 3 for the prototype installation.


For instance, let's say we identified that your drawers are cluttered with cooking utensils which causes you to have to search for the right it item every time you need something from that drawer. As a solution, we decided to design and build you an insert for the drawer that has cutouts to fit each item perfectly so everything has its place. For further efficiency, we identify the 3 utensils that you use 80% of the time, and make those exposed and easier to access than the rest while hiding the other items. 

Day 3

We need to gather more info from you about each problem. So we come back and do a deep dive into exactly how you operate within the areas we have identified.

Then I get to work on competing and building prototypes and when I’ve got the prototypes ready for you I reach out and we schedule day 4.


I would come back and we would unpack the whole drawer together and examine the dimensions of the drawer, what 3 items to pick, and play with the flow of the over all experience so we can get a solid idea and feel for how to move forward with the design.

Day 4

I come over and show you what I’ve come up with and install the products into your home.

These are the first drafts so they won’t have a fancy paint job, but they will get the job done.

We then schedule day 4 and have you use it for 1-2 weeks.


Now that we have a solution identified I'll come by to understand the problem better, gather the dimensions needed for the drawers and utensils, and then go back to the shop and build out the insert. Once the prototype is done I'll come back and instal it in the drawer for you to test out. 

Day 5

On day 5 I come back and gather your feedback from the experience of using the product and then head back to the drawing board and make all the adjustments.

I then reach out to you once I’m ready to install it on day 5.


Now that you've got to experience the solution for a while, I come back and listen to you to learn what was working and what was not. For instance, maybe it was to difficult to grab the items from their compartments and you realized you use 4 items every day instead of the 3 we initially thought. I then take what I've learned from you and make the next set of adjustments.

Day 6

Get excited because this is another installation day and you get to experience a superior product for the next week or so that was adjusted just for you exactly like a Queen or King!

This version of the products is a bit more pretty.

After it's adjusted maybe we have a glass of wine or a beer and then schedule day 6!

Day 7

I think you’ve probably got the drill by now, but the back and forth feedback is essential to getting how Godly Locks likes it, just right.

I take the feedback I gather, enter my magical workshop, and bust out the final version.

Once it's ready, or about ready I contact you to schedule day 8.

Day 8

It’s time for shots! ...of water, because we’re done and it’s finally time to install the beautiful product we developed together just for you to use for years to come and give you a lasting, daily, sense of relief.


When I come back for last scheduled session I install the final prodcut which would be the insert created in a nice wood, or painted and elegant color with everything adjusted and just right to fit your needs. Each item at this point will be flawlessly accessible. We would aim for having you be able to find the right utensil without need to look. That is optimal efficiency in our eyes.

Enjoy It

From there you get to enjoy something that you were a pivitol part in creating. No more clutter, no more searching, just sweet sweet relief!

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