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Apples most ruthless and biggest design flaw.

Apple finally did what I asked with the iPhone. They stopped trying to be ultra-thin, increased battery life, and increased storage capacity. Kudos apple, you finally listened.

I thought I'd start off by giving apple some credit because their devices and software, for the most part, are pretty amazing, and they have been good to me. However, they are slowly slipping, and as that compounds it may end up having a pretty profoundly negative effect.

This is blog is less about the state of the company and more about one of the biggest design flaws they have made in recent years that I don’t understand, at all. As I’m writing this It’s kind of filling me with anger for some reason.

So apples is know for simplifying, that’s why they are so great, they focus on simplicity, their design is elegant because of its simplistic nature. Now, one thing we must understand about simplicity is that there is a point of diminishing returns, a point at which things can be to simple that it makes the thing worse and not better.

They hinted at this with removing the headphone jack. I understand where they are, and where they going with that one. Apple wanted to push people towards Bluetooth headphones, understandable, most of them are these days and wires suck.


Apple’s newer laptop computers switched to all USB C. Neat right! Faster uploads and downloads. The issue is there is only USB C, they got rid of one of the most phenomenal and brilliant user experience designs in history… the MAG safe charging connector. The charger connects magnetically to the computer.

Why is this brilliant? Because sometimes with cords, people walk into your cord, and when that cord is connected magnetically it just pops off instead of having your entire $2000 computer launch gracefully to its imminent demise upon connecting with the floor.

What is the reasoning for getting rid of such a smart and brilliant concept? I just don’t get it. They probably have couple million-dollar patent on it, but meh, “well just throw it away and not use it” they think to themselves. They don’t care they are just going to risk you or someone around you breaking a thing that is vital to your lively hood.

Hopefully, they listen about this one too and get the issue fixed in future devices. I’m honestly really scared they are going to stop making laptops and are only going to make iPads. Either way, I’m probably leaving the apple suite soon which is a disappointment because, for the most part, Apple devices have been quite amazing products.

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