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15 Questions to ask yourself when you're organizing

1. Do I need this item?

2. Do I really need this?

3. How does this item make me feel?

4. Which of these items do I access most often?

5. Where should I put this to reduce as much friction to access it as possible? 

6. What could I do so I can find anything in here in less than 5 seconds?

7. How do I create this so that I don’t have to move one item to access another item?

8. Can color coding help me here?

9. What am I missing?

10. How can I simplify this system? 

11. If someone else were to try to find something, could they, and how fast?

12. (Once you’re done) Does this system envoke a sense of relief? 

13. What doesn’t need to be here? / What can I get rid of?

14. Should each item have a designated space it fits perfectly into?

15. What about this system is uncomfortable or frustrating? (Am I bending over, reaching, or put at an odd angle too often for how regularly I access this space?)

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