If you've watched TED videos there's a high chance you've seen Simon Sineks video on "starting with why." It's become a craze, and everyone is now looking to find their why. 


We're no different, starting with why gives a company purpose and direction. It's what bands a group a people behind a worthy ideal they go after with everything they have together.


Along with helping create and bond a team cohesively, it also helps a business connect on a deep level with its customers. There's a reason Tom's took off so well. They had a clear and strong reason for making shoes. Not just to make great shoes for their customers, but also to give a pair to kids who really need them in 3rd world countries. People resonated with that idea, it makes it feel like we can all help solve big problems in the world, together.


Learn more about how we plan to follow Tom's lead in a blog post here.


Our why (mission) is to create a company that listens, and our goal is to reduce loneliness and enhance the wellbeing of 100,000 people with technology through intimately connected communities by creating 10,000 micro-communities by 2042. 

Although on the surface, at the moment, it may look like we're just doing organization and building amazing stuff, there's a much greater vision at work behind the scenes. This is only the first phase. That's all we'll say to keep from confusing you at the moment, but feel free to reach out if you're curious about learning more! 

The why stems from a strong disconnect that has been created due to a new, amazing world. A world which has become overstimulated and overproduced, this is fantastic, yet also overwhelming at times. We're looking to help people find mental clarity through more efficient living spaces, and in Phase 2 we plan to connect people and help them form deep, lasting, meaningful relationships with other humans nearby. At the end of the day we want you to feel overwhelming sense of Relief. 

I, JP, decided to build this company out of a passion for wanting to solve some of the biggest problems we face today. I have felt the frustrations of daily life and how difficult it can be to get through just one day at times. Developing systems in my home made is so much easier for me to deal with the dark days. I've also struggled with feelings of loneliness which inspired aspects of the long term vision I have for this business. I believe strongly in the true value of friendship which is by far the best gift you can give or receive from someone. Client, partner, or employee, what resonates in my core is that we should all work to develop friendships so we can collaborate together to achieve a common goal so that we can all come out better off in the long run. 


JP Taxman

What a pleasure it is to meet you in this monodirectional format. My background is in graphic and user experience design. I've built websites for PING golf and also constructed escape room puzzles from the ground up. I know how to use a laser... cutter. Nope, not a supervillain. I became obsessed with the feeling of relief that I got from designing my life and home to be more efficient so I built this company to share that feeling and experience with others. 


  • Imaginative 

  • Quick-witted

  • Humorous

  • Kind

  • Self Learner

  • Self Starter 

  • Loyal

  • Truthful​

  • Intellectual

  • Weird​

  • Disciplined

  • Athletic

  • Healthy

  • Ambitious

  • Courageous

  • Trustworthy


  • Industrial Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Architecture

  • Human-centred Design

  • Engineering

  • Systems Design

  • Cupcakes & Cookies

  • Philosophy 

  • Physics

  • Identifying the right questions to ask

  • Technology

  • Drawer organization


  • Simplicity

  • Friendship

  • Humor

  • Efficiency

  • Discipline 

  • Freedom​

  • Wisdom

  • Health

  • Gratitude

  • Kindness

  • Minimalism


Listening leads to understanding

Keep it simple sweetheart

Work to understand the machine

Mistakes are mandatory

Passion and work should be one and the same

Be absurdly clear in your communication


As I hinted at earlier, a truly valuable business is much more than how much money is in its bank account. A business with truly inherent value has a net-positive effect on its customer's lives, and just as much, if not more of a positive effect on the lives of its employees. 

It's kind of like the way a waterfall pond is a source of sustenance and life for a wide variety of species. A vast amount of organisms depend on the waterfall on a daily basis, and if the waterfall were to dry up then all the life that depends on the waterfall would likely cease to exist or face a great struggle finding a new source of water. 

We drive to be the waterfall and want to provide as many people as possible with as much benefit as we viably can. Making money to us is essential to our ability to keep flowing, but we view money as a tool to continue providing, not as the end goal. We want to build a company that is in it for the long game and enhances the lives of those that it touches today, and for generations to come. 


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Q. How does a computer get drunk?

A. It takes screenshots


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